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Here is a short list of only some of the custom work I have completed to date. Each was a true pleasure to work on so I hope it shows in the finished products here.  Click on any item and it will open up a new window with the pics. THANKS for looking!  

NOTE: Most of the items we make now are commission work. We do still sell a few on ebay from time to time. Look for dsmiller10 on ebay.  

The figures in my own private collection are open for conversation.  Because these are commissioned by private collectors for their own purposes, these are never duplicated. I work with you so you get exactly what you want. Progress pictures and emails ensure you are a part of the entire process. No other customizer allows this much interaction with their work and it is worth it to see the final product looking and behaving the way the client envisioned it from the start.

If you want a similar one to any seen here in the gallery, I can accommodate your requests, but be advised that they will have some differences to ensure each character is unique for teh purchaser. That helps each retain their collectible status as being a one-of-a-kind. Email me.

I'm proud to be a part of each one of these projects and wish there was a way to make two of every one of them. Consider this page a worthy portfolio of someo of the most memorable ones. Enjoy!

 gold spartan   green spartan with flamethrower     crimson spartan    red vs. blue church   desert eod spartan

 stealth spartan with jet    church halo 1     doc with thrasher   gold dragon    plasma cannon diorama

brute chieftain commander     manga master chief     devastator odst     master chief with raptor bike    tes spartan with bengal

leviathan spartan tank     recovery one agent washington with ai     desert actionclix spartan     red vs. blue church     jamaican spartan with railgun

security spartan- in game character     eva-mas spartan with razorback     modified warthog with flamethrower     arch angel female spartan with wings     mark v.5 transition armor - removable helmet

big covenant combo- phantom team     tri-fold gold wing spartan     mini spartan - actionclix 049     advanced hayabusa spartan with cape     army spartan with weapons, wings, and base

brute chieftain in shinto armor with sword     mini spartan with grenades and base     caboose and sarge red vs. blue base     battle spartan with base     12" winged fury hayabusa spartan

war machine in camo armor suit     scout spartan with banshee mini-gun     actionclix masterchief     unleashed general grievous     heavy canon spartan- street fighting

halo reach marine with challenger canon in snow     jorge with jetpack and armor mods     custom danger girl- abbey chase     custom halo elite     6 customs spartans with miniguns

halo reach special forces sniper in ghillie suit     Halo 3 Recon Armor - Carter memorial     Halo 3 Recon Armor - Carter memorial     Halo 3 Recon Armor - Carter memorial     HALO 3 EVA Deadpool

halo reach odst ua-cnm with flag and case     Halo 3 Brute Major     Halo Reach Female ODST     Halo 3 Brute Minor     Halo-Reach-Sgt.Johnson  

Custom halo figure- Flood Infected marine     Halo 3 Spartan Avatar     Mass Effect 3 Kai Leng     GI Joe BAT     GI Joe BAT    

halo reach spartan statue on base     halo 3 flood infected UNSC marine2     Halo ActionClix Spartan     Halo4-FUD Masterchief  FUD Crashsite     Small Soldiers Kip Killigan Custom Figure

US Modern Marine Desert MARPAT     Halo 3 Custom Figure RedvBlue Caboose     Halo Reach ODST with Black Visor     RvB Caboose 3     UH-1 Minigun & Pilot

TMNT - Warrior Rocksteady     ENVY     Capt-Basilix

Other Info

Any question you may have regarding a custom or if you want an estimate or quote, just ask.  I do answer my email personally so you know you are getting the real and honest answers to your questions.  I do custom work to meet your specs or sketches as well.  Email me here to get the answer that could bring your custom action figure to life.

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