Custom Figure Process Tips

This page will show you some process tips on making custom figures

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So just what did I learn from such model masters as Verlinden and Paine? I have learned that detailed weathering of small items must be OVER-done to appear realistic.  That being said, it comes down to finding your own comfort levels to ensure one's painting techniques don't overdo those details.

The process is not easy and takes many hours of work, but in the end, you have a one-of-a-kind piece that anyone would be proud to display.  The entire process involves base coats, washes, multi-layer highlighting, and detail drybrushing to make each miniature look as realistic as possible.  A final coating of Gloss, Satin, or Matte Acrylic Varnish is the final step so it will last. You have to do it ALL! Noted experts paved the way and showed military modelers like myself how to recreate rust, dirt, wear, bullet holes, scratches, and armor damage.  It is a labor of love (and patience) to be sure. I also am noted for my custom attachment system known as MAG Points™ which is my Magnetic Attachment Gear Points System that replaces the standard McFarlane peg and hole system. It allows for better look and stronger attachment in any location. I also always provide a custom Plasma Grenade because who doesn't love to throw those in the game?

My feedback is 100% positive on ebay because I take the time to do it as I would want it done.  No shortcuts are allowed because the customer will see that in the end.  Each one sits in my collection for the week prior to sale so I can critique it before I photograph it for ebay.  THEN it can be yours... No figure, weapon, or vehicle is made straight out-of-the-box. Each receives custom work to finish it. When you create things like this, there is no duplicate - ever! You have a truly unique piece of SMArt Customs. That is a guarantee.  Making custom collectibles is a Scott Miller Art Custom job every time.  Our mission is to make collectibles you will be proud to display.  We are the only custom house that provides progress pictures and will offer you the chance to have options along the way to truly get the figure of your dreams.

 "We bring Custom Action Figures to life!"

Customizing Tips

How to photograph an action figure: Coming soon

How to make detail really stand out: Coming soon

How to find parts for a customization: (Updated 7/2012)

I find parts everywhere! We never stop looking for those truly unique items that could make the next custom a truly amazing piece. Re-purposing items is what catapults my art to a new level. I do not simply use other action figure pieces to make new ones. I use scale model parts, kitchen items, hardware store finds, old toys, electronics gear, garage sale treasures, and anything else I can find right in front of me.

Packaging cases makes great molds for landscaping pieces and clear parts. Zip ties make great scale ammo belts. You get the idea. My latest custom Halo Reach figure has a gun case I built from a travel toothbrush case (with a lot of modifications). You simply have to rethink everything you see and think about it in a smaller scale and think, "what does it remind me of?". It becomes fun assembling a new "spare parts box" once you get a handle on it. You will never look at little things the same way again. Imagination helps so don't limit yourself to toys and figures. Think outside that toy box and get really creative. Each of my figures has something that makes it near-impossible to completely duplicate because of my spare parts box additions.

One of the best parts of being a scale modeler first is that I always saved the extras that all models come with. So I have a pre-made treasure trove of small parts all already-to-use. This is where garage sales and toy shops can come in very handy. Most have a clearance aisle. Give yourself 5 minutes and walk it and see if you can come up with a few good ideas for new uses or what you can combine to make something no one else has thought of. Happy Customizing!

Other Info

Any question you may have regarding a custom or if you want an estimate or quote, just ask.  I do answer my email personally so you know you are getting the real answers to your questions.  I do custom work to meet your specs or sketches as well.  Email me here to get the answer for you.

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